‘The Seven Year Itch’ at Sag Harbour

A perfect summer movie, The Seven Year Itch gets a drive-in screening this Sunday, July 26, at the Sag Harbor Cinema on Havens Beach, Long Island. (Marilyn recently graced the venue’s relaunch campaign – see here.)

“Catch a summertime romance, with a touch of the ‘illicit’, with Billy Wilder’s adaptation of Sam Axelrod’s play in The Seven Year Itch. It’s summer in New York. The city is empty and hot. With his wife and son vacationing in Maine, Richard (Tom Ewell), a publishing executive in midlife crisis discovers that his neighbor is… Marilyn Monroe (the character is named ‘The Girl’).  Reading a theory that most marriages suffer a threat to monogamy after seven years, Richard’s imagination runs wild over The Girl who doesn’t exactly return his level of lust. The film includes one of the most famous scenes in cinematic history: Marilyn Monroe’s white dress in flight over a gusty subway grate. (Hollywood’s production code at the time would not allow adultery in a comedy. Frustrated with what he called ‘censorship’, Wilder had to resort to fantasy.)”