Alice Chater Gets ‘Pretty in Pink’ With Marilyn

Alice Chater is a 25 year-old British singer-songwriter, best known for ‘Lola,’ her 2019 collaboration with rapper Iggy Azalea. Her new solo EP Aries, out on August 7, features ‘Pretty in Pink’ – not the old Psychedelic Furs hit but an upbeat, poppy track which namechecks Marilyn among other influences in a spoken bridge: “I like Marilyn and Madonna/I like Jay-Z, Bey and Nirvana/We can all go just like you wanna…”

“I’m a be a platinum blonde/’Cause you know it turns me on,” Alice sings in an earlier verse, before paraphrasing one of Marilyn’s most famous quotes: “I sleep naked every night/Me and Chanel No. 5 …” In an intro to the rather cheesy lyric video, she explains, “This song is about when I was a little girl growing up, singing into my hairbrush in my little room, dreaming of making it as a Hollywood star one day. Please grab your hairbrushes and sing with me.”