Ranking Marilyn’s Movies, 58 Years Later

In an article for Insider marking the 58th anniversary of Marilyn’s death, Erin McDowell lists the 10 most popular Monroe movies (led by Don’t Bother to Knock), according to viewer ratings aggregated on the Rotten Tomatoes website, adding comments from critics then and now. Meanwhile at Far Out magazine, Swampnil Dhruv Bose’s personal picks are topped by Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; and finally, Some Like It Hot heads up Andreas Babiolakis’ top five MM films for newcomers over at Films Fatale.

“Despite having more of a supporting role here, I consider this Monroe’s best work, particularly because of how magnetic she is. It’s like we got both sides of Monroe’s short filmography here: the works that played into Monroe’s ditzy character, and the roles that believed more in Mortenson as an untapped actress with talent for days. Whenever I think of Monroe, this is the first film I think of, because it represents the biggest what-if. Released a few years before The Misfits, Some Like It Hot was another plateau of Monroe’s, where we could only see how high up her ceiling was. We never got as far as was possible, but Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot was an indication of what was left for this beloved superstar.”