Marilyn’s Late Return to Netherlands Library

Two Marilyn-related books have been anonymously returned to Forum Groningen, a cultural centre and library in the Netherlands – nearly four decades after their due date, as RTV Noord reports. Of Women And Their Elegance (1981) features text by Norman Mailer, and photos by Milton Greene; while the other title is a Dutch-language edition of Those Who Die Young (1979) by Marianne Sinclair. (A similar incident occurred in 2014, when two magazines published in 1953 – both featuring Marilyn on the cover – were returned to the New York Public Library, having been swiped by a teenage fan 60 years earlier!)

“The borrower did not return the books to the Forum himself, but left them in a plastic bag at the entrance of the library in Borculo in the Achterhoek. She then sent it to the Forum.

‘Although a small number of years later, hereby return the books to the rightful owner’, the library staff wrote in a letter to their Groningen colleagues.

The books that were returned also included the original lending card, which shows that the books were lent from the library at Vismarkt 27 and that the books had to be returned by 8 March 1984 at the latest.

Else de Groot, the Forum’s spokesman, jokes: ‘Good thing we no longer charge fines!’

It is not known who borrowed the books at the time. ‘This is still from the pre-digital era, when an external company kept track of when the books had to be returned. Unfortunately, none of this can be traced back,’ says Maurice Laros of Forum Groningen. ‘We have no idea.’

‘Unfortunately the books are in very used condition, they are no longer in the collection. Maybe we can do something fun with it, in a display case or something.'”

Thanks to Johan