Marilyn Brings Glitz and Glamour to Key West

Her name may be spelled differently, but Monroe-style glamour is clearly a big inspiration at Marylin’s Restaurant & Pub, which opened recently in Key West, Florida, as Mandy Miles reports for Keys Weekly.

“A blonde bombshell has arrived on Grinnell Street, stealing the spotlight and above all, entertaining its guests with upscale food at local prices and innovative happy hour specials. Everything sparkles inside the new Marylin’s Restaurant & Pub, 320 Grinnell St., where old Hollywood glamour is emphasized in the artwork, the crystal-covered mirrors and the giant rhinestones that serve as purse hooks under the sparkly bar.

‘We know this location has been several restaurants since it was Finnegan’s Wake, but Finnegan’s was really a favorite local spot, whether you came in for lunch, dinner or late-night food and drinks,’ said owner Rob Patterson, who also owns Key West Fish & Chips on Angela Street with his parents, Jane and Bob Patterson. ‘We want to bring back that local loyalty to a place like Finnegan’s Wake, where there’s always people you know, a friendly staff and great food and drinks. And like the bombshell that inspired our name and attitude, we want this place to entertain.’

‘I built this whole concept around a neon Marilyn Monroe sign that was hanging one day in a store window across the street from Key West Fish & Chips,’ Patterson said. ‘I want to offer the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but with a welcoming, fun and people-friendly atmosphere.’ (No need to point out that the restaurant’s name is spelled differently than the movie star’s. Patterson knows that, but he wanted to avoid any potential copyright issues.)

Marylin’s just opened on March 7, and is still perfecting its new sound system and stage lighting, but already people have been back more than once.”