Marilyn in the Hollywood ‘Badlands’

Marilyn’s death will be investigated (yet again) in a new podcast series, Rolling Stone reports. She is a very popular subject for podcasts, most notably the Goodnight Marilyn series and its successor, Marilyn: Behind the Icon. Film historian Karina Longworth devoted several episodes of her You Must Remember This podcast to Marilyn. However there are also several other, less distinguished examples. Let’s hope this latest effort favours accurate reporting over shock value, but only time will tell. (And while you’re waiting, check out this recent video chat about Marilyn’s death with author April VeVea on the Irish Marilyn Monroe Fan Club‘s Instagram.)

“Jake Brennan Productions has released the Season 1 trailer for Badlands, a spinoff from their true crime podcast series Disgraceland.

The first season of the new show, titled Hollywoodland, will premiere May 5th on Amazon Music and will explore some of the most infamous true-crime stories within Los Angeles’ celebrity culture, with the debut episode focusing on the circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s death. Later episodes will center on River Phoenix, Bruce Lee, Dennis Hopper, Fatty Arbuckle, John Holmes, George Reeves, Natalie Wood, Lana Turner, and other well-known, troubled figures of Hollywood.

The entire 10-episode season will be available on Amazon Music with its premiere on May 5th. All other major podcast platforms will premiere the first episode of Hollywoodland on that date, with new episodes rolling out every Wednesday.”