‘Monkey Business’: Marilyn, Cary Grant and the Elixir of Youth

Monkey Business is featured in Audrey Fox’s list of the 15 Best Cary Grant Movies, over at Slash Film today. Her first movie with director Howard Hawks, Monkey Business showcased her comedic flair, and she held her own among experienced co-stars – paving the way for her own star turn in Hawks’ next film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

“Just because Cary Grant was a little older when he made Monkey Business in 1952 doesn’t mean that he needed to let go of the youthful energy that had always been a key component of his screen presence. In this light science fiction comedy, Grant stars as Barnaby Fulton, a middle-aged scientist who has invented a new serum that makes someone feel decades younger … He’s able to do a cartwheel for the first time in years, and he takes the opportunity to indulge in a flirtation with a 20-something secretary played by Marilyn Monroe (to the visible consternation of his wife, Edwina, played by Ginger Rogers). But things quickly spiral out of control … Monkey Business is hardly one of Cary Grant’s more intellectually rigorous films, but it has a light touch that makes it thoroughly entertaining.”