From Eve to Sugar: Marilyn’s Greatest Screenplays

Two of Marilyn’s movies made the Top 10 in a Writers Guild of America list of the 101 Greatest Screenplays of All Time, as Adrienne Keer reports for Screen Rant. Marilyn is shown above with Joseph L. Mankiewicz on the set of All About Eve (1950), which takes fifth place.

“The six-time award winner was the first film in Oscar history to earn four female acting nominations for stars Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, Thelma Ritter, and Celeste Holm … The plot has been referenced numerous times in pop culture, and its themes of the downfalls of stardom and aging have been analyzed by critics and academics alike … and has often been compared favorably to Sunset Boulevard, which was released in the same year. The film has been adapted for radio and the stage and inspired the stage musical Applause.”

Some Like It Hot (1959), penned by director Billy Wilder and his writing partner IAL Diamond, is ranked ninth on the list. Marilyn is seen here discussing the script with acting coach Paula Strasberg in her dressing room.

“The film opened to commercial and critical success, receiving six Academy Award nominations, winning Best Costume Design … Some Like it Hot was filmed without the approval of the Hays Code, due to its inclusion of LGBT-related themes, including cross-dressing. The film’s overwhelming success contributed to its eventual replacement, due to greater social tolerance. Considered a timeless comedy masterpiece, Some Like it Hot was adapted into a Broadway production called Sugar in 1972.”