‘Pure Cinema’: 7 of Marilyn’s Best Movies

Marilyn on location for Bus Stop (photo by Zinn Arthur, 1956)

From All About Eve to The Misfits, Lucia Debernadini picks seven of Marilyn’s finest performances for Collider.

“Monroe was meticulous about her craft, and it shows in her performances. She always found the humanity within her characters, which is what makes them feel multidimensional and real. As her performances continue to be analyzed and studied, her legacy lives on as she’s paved the way for aspiring artists, singers, dancers, and comics alike. Monroe’s range was astonishing. Not only did she present nuanced layers to her characters in her dramatic roles, but she had incredible comedic timing, whether she was playing a role in a slapstick, screwball comedy or in one of Billy Wilder’s more darkly comic, sardonic stories. As Joshua Logan, the director of one of Monroe’s most celebrated roles, Bus Stop, once accurately put it, ‘She is an artist beyond artistry … she is pure cinema.'”