‘Some Like It Hot’ a BFI All-Time Great

Some Like It Hot (1959) is featured in the British Film Institute’s poll of the 100 Greatest Films of All Time (updated in 2021), garnering 31 nominations from a panel of critics, programmers and curators from around the world, and tying with Pather Pachali (India, 1955), Gertrud (Denmark, 1964), Pierrot le Fou (France/Italy, 1965) and Play Time (France, 1967) for 42nd place. “Some Like It Hot is quite simply the funniest film ever made,” says Billy Wilder’s biographer, Joseph McBride. “Wilder’s farce educated me and my generation about the strange nuances of adult sexuality and provided the sex craze of my youth, Marilyn Monroe, with her most iconic role.”