Marilyn’s Most Iconic – and Fearless – Fashion Moments

In an article for E! Online, Alyssa Morin breaks down Marilyn’s ‘most iconic – and fearless – fashion moments’ – including some fan favourites in addition to the record-breaking style hits. In Ladies of the Chorus (1948), Marilyn wore an evening gown designed by Jean Louis, who would later create the ‘nude dress’ she wore for her ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ performance at Madison Square Garden. And in 1952, she modelled a potato sack as a sly riposte to a hack who criticised her risqué style.

Dorothy Jeakins designed Marilyn’s strikingly modern wardrobe for Niagara (1953), including the red-and-black ensemble (at left), which Marilyn sported for the ‘longest walking shot in movie history.’ Later that year, she borrowed a Travilla gown (centre) from the Fox costume department for the glitzy premiere of How to Marry a Millionaire. Offscreen, one of Marilyn’s favourite designers was Ceil Chapman, whose beaded cocktail dress she wore in 1954, while singing for US troops in Korea.

And finally, two memorable looks from Marilyn’s later career: the daring ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ dress from Some Like It Hot (1959), which earned Orry-Kelly an Oscar nomination; and the green ‘mermaid gown’ by Norman Norell, which Marilyn took to the Golden Globes in 1962.