Marilyn Movie Double Bill in Bradford

The Seven Year Itch (1955) will be screened in the Pictureville Cinema at the National Media and Science Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire tomorrow, August 27, at 2 pm.

“A pure piece of pop culture, featuring Monroe in all her blonde glory and classic Billy Wilder humour … containing the iconic image of Monroe standing on a subway grate as her white dress is blown upwards.”

It will then be followed by River of No Return at 4:30 pm.

“Here we see a different side to Monroe as she plays Kay Weston, a dance hall singer with grit, attitude and a willingness to get her hands dirty … The performances by [Robert] Mitchum and Monroe, combined with Otto Preminger’s directing and cinematography, create an American Western unlike any other.”

Both films were shot in CinemaScope, the pioneering technology developed at Twentieth Century-Fox to lure the public away from their television sets, and the double bill is part of the museum’s ‘Widescreen Monthly’ series, “where you can experience cult and classic films as they were meant to be seen.”