Marilyn Beats Out Meryl in Movie Critics’ Poll

Over at The Guardian, critics have their say on the ‘greatest’ and ‘worst’ performances in movie history. Thankfully, Marilyn’s role in Some Like It Hot is firmly placed in the former category by Guy Lodge – who also recently wrote an insightful summary of her filmography for his streaming column (see here.) Guy’s ‘worst’ pick goes to Meryl Streep’s Oscar-winning turn as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady – which just goes to show that awards aren’t everything!

“For years, the legend stuck about how ‘difficult’ Monroe was on the set of Billy Wilder’s pitch-perfect farce, creating the impression that her droll, vulnerable turn as luckless lounge singer Sugar Kane was a director-crafted accident. Well, enough of that: there is as much wily genius in her timing, her body language and her shorthand character detailing as there is in Jack Lemmon’s and Tony Curtis’s more generously lauded turns.”