‘Some Like It Hot’ in Coralville, Iowa

Some Like It Hot is showing at 6:00 pm next Wednesday, May 24th, in the Schwab Auditorium at Coralville Public Library in Iowa, as part of a regular – and free – Movie Night series.

In a recent interview for the Oscars website, comedian Cheech Marin named Some Like It Hot among his Top 5 favourite films…

“It is, of course, Marilyn Monroe’s best movie. She’s this ball of fire, and sexuality, and humour, and beauty, and vulnerability. And Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, it doesn’t get better. It has the best ending line of any movie in the history of movies: ‘Nobody’s perfect.’ I saw it in the movie theatre and, when that line came, the whole audience burst out in the most raucous laughter I’d ever seen. I want to do that. I want the funniest line in the movie to be the last line, and that’s the hardest thing to do.”