‘Some Like It Hot’ at the Cockatoo Club

Some Like It Hot is showing at the Cockatoo Club in Manchester next Wednesday, May 31st, from 7 pm, as part of the venue’s monthly LGBTQ+ Movie Night series. The event includes an introduction by Jackie Stacey, head of Media and Cultural Studies at Manchester University, and an audience discussion after the film.

Jackie talked to British women about their memories of Marilyn and other female movie icons of the 1940s and ’50s for her book, Star Gazing: Hollywood Cinema and Female Spectatorship (1993.)

“Monroe appealed to me deeply and desperately, little girl lost with the body of a desirable woman. She lit up the screen with her performances, the glamour, her movements were so exciting. Watching her made me feel she was in some way lonely and vulnerable, she was my cult figure. I felt like me, she was running away from herself.” – Betty Cruse