Marilyn Inspires ‘Incriminating Mary’

Srishti Chhabria has spoken about how Marilyn inspired her short film, Incriminating Marystarring British actress Abbie Steele as a mentally ill woman accused of murder – in an interview with Film Daily.

“I listened to a podcast titled You Must Remember This, which told the story of how Norma Jean became Marilyn Monroe. It was a very well documented podcast which outlined the double life of Marilyn Monroe. On stage she was the centre of attention and loved all across the globe, while in her personal life she was quite isolated and depressed.

I was so taken in by the story even weeks after I had finished the podcast. I knew that I had to make a film about it. I found the idea of Marilyn Monroe having two personalities very interesting. The concept of a second identity or alter personality has always intrigued me. And since childhood I have wanted to make a film about it.

So many stories about Dissociative Identity Disorder use it as a plot piece to turn the character into an antagonist. But this was not my intention, as I wanted the audience to feel the pain that this woman is experiencing, how she cannot truly be herself and has to put on a smile all the time as that is what is expected of her.

I want them to cry for her, to cry for her husband who so greatly misunderstood her, and to cry for the tragedy of a lost love between the couple.”