Trauma and Resilience in ‘Marilyn: Behind the Icon’

Monroe biographer and psychotherapist Gary Vitacco Robles is interviewed in the July issue of RAGE Magazine regarding his podcast series, Marilyn: Behind the Icon.

“Marilyn Monroe was an enormously strong and brave woman. She is the first major film star to disclose depression and childhood sexual abuse during an era when acknowledging or talking openly about these realities were taboo. From an early age, Marilyn visualised a better life for herself by becoming an actress to provide validation, and she made it happen. She is the ultimate dreamer … I believe we might be the first to have portrayed Marilyn’s remarkable life within the context of her being a resilient survivor of trauma. We thought we knew Marilyn, but never before like this. One cannot really understand her without understanding the context of her trauma … The podcast’s experience for the listener is an audio dramatisation of Marilyn Monroe’s remarkable life with a narrator, actors dramatising scenes with music and sound effects, and my commentary to provide insight into the scenes described. We use temporal shifting, so an episode may begin with an event in Marilyn’s life but flashback to her early childhood and explain the events that led to the beginning scene.”