Day By Day With Marilyn

Day by Day With Marilyn is a 12-month undated planner, with an impeccably-researched accompanying text by Monroe biographer Michelle Morgan, and over 60 photos by Bruno Bernard, Milton Greene and Sam Shaw. Approved by Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the licensing company which owns Marilyn’s estate, this hardcover book highlights important events from Marilyn’s life during each month, plus a selection of accurately sourced, thoughtful and inspiring quotes from Marilyn herself. There are also blank pages to complete under the headings of ‘goals’ and ‘dreams’, plus monthly and weekly planners, and a ribbon marker. Whether or not you keep a datebook, Day By Day With Marilyn is a gorgeous volume packed with interesting facts – almost like dipping into one of her own private journals, but one in which you can write about your own life, too.


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