American Pickers: Marilyn in Korea

David Vincent Mills, a musician based in Sedona, Arizona, was featured in the August 3 edition of American Pickers – a long-running show for the US History Channel – sharing his late father John Mills’ artwork, as Ron Eland reports for Red Rock News.

“Mills’ father, John Mills, who died in 1989, was a trumpet player in the Korean War and struggling musician before becoming an artist. In fact, there’s a large painting in Mills’ home of the time his father and fellow bandmates met Marilyn Monroe during a USO tour. He took a photo of her and later used that photo to paint her picture talking with the others in the band.

The younger Mills knew that [Frank] Fritz was a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. He thought if nothing else, the painting and his father’s original slides from that day might be enough of a hook to pique the show’s interest.”