58 Years Ago: Marilyn’s Funeral, in Colour

An astonishing set of candid photos taken by Steve Grady at Marilyn’s funeral on August 8th, 1962 – the only colour images of the event known to exist – have surfaced on Facebook. You can view them all here. (The service was held inside the chapel, and the internment was held outside at Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles.)

“Never-before-seen, rare color photos of Marilyn Monroe’s funeral. A client of mine was only 22 years old when he accidentally came upon the funeral of Marilyn Monroe. He jumped the fence and got a handful of shots that hadn’t been seen until I scanned these images for him last month … This guy was an amateur photographer and his pics are candid but historic in some regard, especially since all of them were in color. Enjoy.” – Tracy Knauss

And here’s a contemporary report from the Daily News – thanks to A Passion for Marilyn