‘Douglas Kirkland: Coco + Marilyn’ in Helsinki

Marilyn famously claimed to wear nothing in bed but a splash of Chanel No. 5 perfume. At the Finnish Museum of Photography‘s new K1 exhibition space at the Kämp Galleria shopping mall in downtown Helsinki, Douglas Kirkland: Coco & Marilyn combines images from the photographer’s unforgettable collaboration with Monroe, and his photos of the great French designer, Coco Chanel. The exhibition opens on August 20 through to December 20, YLE reports.

“The debut exhibit will only include shots that Kirkland took of Monroe and Chanel, whom the museum described as ‘iconic women who developed a deep understanding of the power of vision and gaze.’

When Kirkland first set out to photograph Monroe for a spread in Look magazine’s 25th anniversary issue in 1961, he was asked to take ‘the hottest pictures you can imagine’ of the biggest superstar of the day. But Marilyn was late to arrive at the studio Kirkland had arranged for the shoot, a habit the star’s manager told him happened all the time.

Monroe eventually did arrive, radiant and cheerful in a moment Kirkland later described as exceptional, saying that it seemed as if she glowed a bright white and was somehow detached from the floor.”