Marilyn-Spotting in Montego Bay

Rare photos of Marilyn and Arthur Miller on their belated honeymoon have been posted on Facebook by Diana Ucros, and later shared by Club Passion Marilyn via Instagram. These photos are thought to have been taken by Diana’s father on Thursday January 3, 1957, on the runway at the airport in Montego Bay. (One of them is signed, though the message is hard to read.) The Millers had travelled with Arthur’s cousin Morton and wife Florence from New York to Montego Bay on Avianca flight 670 – thought to be a Lockheed L -1049E Super Constellation – whose full route was New York, Montago Bay, Barraquilla, Bogota.

During a discussion on the Marilyn Remembered Facebook group, tribute artist Hanna Nixon suggested Marilyn may have been wearing a white top seen in Jock Carroll’s Niagara photos from 1952, with the pleated skirt also seen in Sam Shaw’s photos from 1957. (She wore the same ensemble in another photo taken during her vacation.)

Here are some more photos from the Millers’ Caribbean trip…

And finally, a newspaper article about their holiday (click to enlarge.)