Jane Fonda Remembers ‘Glowing’ Marilyn

At 82, Jane Fonda is still an unstoppable Hollywood icon and activist. Interviewed by Maureen Dowd for the New York Times, Jane recalls meeting Marilyn. (In 2012, Dowd presented a BBC radio documentary on Marilyn – see here.)

“You were in Lee Strasberg’s acting class with Marilyn Monroe.

Yes. She liked me. I think she liked me because she sensed my insecurities and she was drawn to vulnerable things. I’ll never forget a party that Lee Strasberg gave and she came late, and she walked in and men there started to shake. I mean, they were physically excited and agitated by the fact that she was there. And she walked straight to me and wanted to talk.

Marilyn was not as striking in person.

She glowed! There was a glow coming out of her that was unbelievable! It came from her skin and her hair and her being. I’ve never seen anything like it.”