Why Marilyn Still Rules the Empire

Although this year’s global pandemic has hit the publishing world hard, Marilyn is still garnering plenty of magazine coverage. The October issue of UK film mag Empire includes an interesting article about how classic film fans are paying homage to the stars of yesteryear via social media.

“I’ve used a couple of tracks from Marilyn Monroe movies like Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” says TikTok user @irridessence, while @PinUpPixie remarks, “When I look at the iconic performances in Some Like It Hot or La Dolce Vita or The Women, what strikes me most is the vulnerability that these powerful women brought to their roles.”

Marilyn also graced the cover of Empire‘s summer edition, among other movie ‘heroes’ reimagined by illustrator Bill McConkey. Inside, Helen O’Hara nominates Some Like It Hot as a perfect ‘comfort movie’ in these trying times. (In 2015, Helen wrote an excellent article for the Telegraph, ‘How Marilyn Took On Hollywood – And Won.’)

Marilyn was “a hell of a comedian,” O’Hara writes for Empire, “and this, along with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes‘ Lorelei Lee, is the role she was born to play … Monroe’s genius here is making Sugar so genuinely downhearted about her romantic history that we’re almost not sure whether we should root for Joe (Tony Curtis) or not; her song ‘I’m Through With Love’ is a heartbreaker, to the extent that even the censors didn’t notice her see- through dress … and as Jerry/Daphne (Jack Lemmon) and his-or-her millionaire beau Osgood (Joe E. Brown) remind us, nobody’s perfect. Except maybe Marilyn.”

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