Sharon Stone Inspired by Marilyn

Sharon Stone, who shot to fame in the early 1990s as a sizzling blonde bombshell, is now 62 and starring in a new Netflix series, Ratched, has spoken about the downside of being a sex symbol. “I mean, I never thought I was that sexy,” she tells Town & Country magazine. “It was very difficult for Marilyn Monroe. She did movies that really mattered, like Bus Stop, The Misfits, but she still couldn’t get completely out of being that thing. It’s very hard to shake.”

It’s not the first time Sharon has talked about Marilyn. “I loved the movies and I wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe,” she has recalled. “I thought she was so glamorous and everyone seemed to love her. I wanted to be like that and I told everyone I would be the next Marilyn Monroe.”