In the Stars: When Marilyn Met Hercules

Back in 1997, Marilyn made a surprise appearance in Disney’s animated feature, Hercules, as Collider reports.

Hercules put a Disney spin on classic Greek mythology. Despite the animated film’s G rating, there are plenty of jokes and references in the movie that are more likely to be appreciated by adults. Disney recently announced a live-action remake of the classic film, so some fans have reignited a love for the original animated version, but even they might not know about all these hidden gems.

Some of Hercules’ most famous accomplishments in mythology were part of his 12 Labours. The 12 Labours of Hercules was a series of tasks he completed as part of a punishment. Fighting a Hydra and the three-headed dog Cerberus were two such tasks, both of which are included at the end of the movie. The ‘Zero to Hero’ montage also shows Hercules fighting a boar, a lion, a bird, and a bull — all creatures that were part of his 12 Labours.

During ‘Zero to Hero,’ Hercules rides Pegasus through the sky and we see a constellation in the shape of a woman with short hair wearing a halter-neck dress. When Hercules rides past this group of stars, the woman’s dress flies up and she uses her hands to push it back down. This, along with her appearance, makes it clear that the constellation is a recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous movie moment from The Seven Year Itch (1955).

After the Marilyn Monroe reference, Hercules and Pegasus are shown leaving their handprints (or hoof prints) in wet cement, much like celebrities do in front of LA’s famed TCL Chinese Theatre (also known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre). If you look closely, Hercules’ signature is addressed ‘To Sid,’ which is likely a reference to the original owner of the Chinese Theatre, Sid Grauman.”