Remembering Marilyn’s Starlet Days

The latest issue of French e-zine Crazy for You looks back at some photo shoots from 1950, with Marilyn enacting a somewhat glamourised version of a starlet’s daily routine – exercise, grooming… but the most interesting series is Richard C. Miller’s documenting her audition for Street Scene, an upcoming production at the Players Ring Theatre in Los Angeles. She didn’t get the part, and the photos remained obscure until just a few years ago. (You can read more about the session here.)

Perhaps best-known for her role in It Came From Outer Space (1953), Kathleen Hughes is profiled in the latest issue of Films of the Golden Age. Kathleen knew Marilyn during her early years at Fox, and was married to River Of No Return producer Stanley Rubin. She has been a regular speaker at the annual memorial services at Westwood, hosted by Marilyn Remembered – more about Kathleen’s memories of Marilyn here.