Merry, Merry Marilyn at Julien’s Auctions

Merry Merry Marilyn is an online-only event at Julien’s Auctions, featuring over 200 Monroe-related items with bids closing on December 21.

My selection begins with this 1991 catalogue from a Toronto exhibition for David Conover, the army photographer who ‘discovered’ Norma Jeane on the factory floor.

Label for the 2001 wine, ‘Norma Jeane – A Young Merlot,’ framed with photo by Laszlo Willinger; and an exhibition catalogue signed by photographer Andre de Dienes.

Photographs and memorabilia related to Marilyn’s nude calendar shoot with Tom Kelley, including this 1980s silver medallion.

Contract dated August 21, 1952, arranging for Marilyn to be ‘loaned out’ by her home studio, Twentieth Century Fox, to appear in producer Jerry Wald’s Clash By Night at RKO Pictures; and a pin-up shot from this period (1986 reprint.)

Bank statement from November-December 1951, addressed to Marilyn at the North Crescent Drive home of her acting coach, Natasha Lytess, with whom she lived during filming of Don’t Bother to Knock.

Detail from photo by Frank Worth, showing Marilyn at a baseball match in 1952; and paperwork related to Marilyn’s radio appearance on The Martin and Lewis Show in 1953.

A colourised promotional still, showing Marilyn with William Powell and Lauren Bacall in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953.)

Colour photo of Marilyn with comedian Danny Thomas at a charity event; and a set of cut-out images from a contact sheet, showing Marilyn at the Call Me Madam premiere, both from 1953.

Candid snapshots taken during Marilyn’s 1954 tour of Korea.

‘Marilyn Monroe’s Sunset Strip Nightmare’ canvas by UK street artist Charles Uzzell-Edwards aka Pure Evil. (The image is based in a 1954 photo of Marilyn in New York.)

Colour photo of Marilyn at a press conference for Bus Stop (1956); and three notes, including a Christmas card, from director Joshua Logan and his wife Nedda.

Photos and memorabilia by Milton Greene; and an ‘ornate trash bin‘ salvaged from Marilyn’s home after her death.

Photos taken by Manfred L. Kreiner during Marilyn’s promotional tour of Chicago for Some Like It Hot (1959.)

Detail from a Bruce Davidson photo taken at the press party for Let’s Make Love; and a screenplay reportedly given by Marilyn to Charles Faso, a doorman at her New York apartment building. (A painting by Faso, taken from Marilyn’s estate and depicting her in the movie, was sold at Christie’s in 1999.)

Colour transparency by Eve Arnold, showing Marilyn in the Nevada desert during filming of The Misfits; used on the cover of The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe, the historic 1999 auction at Christie’s.

Numbered print showing Marilyn on the night of President Kennedy’s birthday gala, signed by photographer Irv Steinberg; and a financial statement for Marilyn, dated January-June 1962.

Photos, artwork and publications related to Bert Stern.

Legal paperwork compiled shortly after Marilyn’s death in August 1962, signed by her attorney Aaron Frosch; and pre-production French artwork for the 1963 documentary Marilyn, also featuring presenter Rock Hudson.

Rare program and marketing brochure for the 1972 exhibit, Marilyn Monroe: The Legend & The Truth; and a promotional pamphlet for Norman Mailer’s Marilyn (1973.)

A 1992 Bonhams‘ auction catalogue, featuring photos by George Barris and others; a 6-page pamphlet from the estate of Harold Lloyd; and postcards advertising a 90th birthday celebration for Marilyn at Heritage Auctions, featuring a photo taken during filming of Niagara by Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder.

UPDATE: A print from Marilyn’s nude calendar session – signed by photographer Tom Kelley – and the Let’s Make Love screenplay were among the best-selling items – more on the auction here.