From Jasper to Banff: Candid Marilyn in Alberta

CBC News has identified the man in this snapshot taken with Marilyn in Jasper, Alberta as local resident Sandy Robinson.

“Born in 1929, the 91-year-old — who claims to be Jasper’s oldest resident — has spent his whole life in Jasper. When the stars came to town, he met them, took pictures with them and even partied with some of the cast.

The ‘blond bombshell’ of Hollywood came to Jasper in 1953 for the filming of her western film River of No Return. Robinson said he would occasionally go watch the shooting of the film. However, it was when he spotted her walking down the street one Sunday that he decided to ask for a picture.

‘She said, sure,’ Robinson recalled. ‘But my friend was so shaky, the man that was walking with her said, Give me the camera, and he took the picture. She wouldn’t take off her dark glasses because I think she was not too bright that morning.'”

Marilyn was similarly attired in this candid photo with Norm Charach, owner of Broadway Jewellers in Banff (more info here.)