Marilyn’s Bargain Beauty Eyeliner

This humble $6 liquid eyeliner – part of a Marilyn-themed range created by the Hard Candy cosmetics brand for supermarket giant Walmart in 2020 – is singled out for praise by beauty columnist Ari Bines at Yahoo today.

“Once I tried Hard Candy’s Marilyn Monroe Liquid Eyeliner, I never looked at other eyeliners the same. Yes, the classic beauty brand is back and available at Walmart! This eyeliner is of the creamiest, most seamless formulas that I’ve ever come across.

At $6 and change, the liner is super easy to create any kind of cat-eye. As someone who has long struggled to create the perfect lines on my hooded and creased eyes, this one is mess-proof. Great for beginners, the eyeliner has a short, but stiff bristle tip. This particular formula is so easy to apply that you can do it with one hand like I did here.

The liner is so underrated that it only has 34 ratings at Walmart. That said, there are some shoppers who are in on how great it truly is …Your mouth and nose may be covered for the time being, but you can easily make your eyes to stand out with this accessible liquid eyeliner.”