Overlooked by Oscar: Marilyn in ‘Some Like It Hot’

With this year’s nominations set to be announced next week, Marilyn’s role in Some Like It Hot is singled out by Nathan Weinbender as one of the great overlooked performances in Oscars history in an article for the Pacific Northwest’s Inlander. Marilyn was never nominated for an Academy Award, but she did win a Golden Globe for her star turn as Sugar Kane. Comedic roles are often sidelined by the Academy, and while Marilyn naturally took top billing, in terms of her total screen time her part may have been better suited to the Best Supporting Actress category. She had already been snubbed for Bus Stop in 1956, while her leading man Don Murray earned a nomination. While her hometown was often slow to recognise her achievements, she won the highest accolades in both France and Italy for The Prince and the Showgirl.

“She’s arguably the most iconic performer to ever be projected onto a movie screen, and yet Marilyn Monroe was never nominated for an Academy Award, no doubt because Hollywood gatekeepers saw her as little more than a sex symbol. She was famously difficult on the set of her greatest film, Some Like It Hot, which may be why her effortless performance isn’t often praised like those of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. But she deserves as much credit for the movie’s clockwork brilliance as they do.”

Yesterday, a Twitter account remembering Hollywood columnist Mike Connolly looked back on Marilyn’s Golden Globes triumph for Some Like It Hot on March 10, 1960. They would honour her again in 1962, naming her ‘World Film Favourite’ – an award voted on by the public, and time has proved them right.

Thanks to A Passion for Marilyn