Marilyn, ‘Unexpected’ in Magnum’s March Sale

This classic Eve Arnold image of Marilyn reading James Joyce’s Ulysses is part of this month’s selection of limited edition square prints, available from Magnum Photos for £100 each. Another portrait, taken by Bob Henriques during filming of The Seven Year Itch, is also available. Its theme, ‘The Unexpected’, refers not to Marilyn but her photographer, as The Guardian reports.

“Perhaps the most unexpected thing about Bob Henriques was that he was ever a photographer at all. While he was renowned and successful as a photojournalist through the 1950s and 60s – documenting the civil rights movement, the Cuban revolution, photographing movie stars and politicians – he all but gave up on photography in the mid-60s and lived the majority of his life running a candle-making business in Jamaica. How large his archive might have been had he continued.”