Flying in Style With Marilyn

This photo of Marilyn arriving at Chicago’s Midway Airport en route to promote Some Like It Hot on a windy day in March 1959 – taken by Edward DeLuga for the Chicago Sun-Times (see here) – is featured in Jodi Peckman’s new coffee-table book for Rizzoli, Come Fly With Me: Flying in Style, set for release on April 27, Airmail reports.

“‘Whether the subjects are strutting through the terminal as if in a runway show or consciously masking themselves from the paparazzi,’ writes Peckman in the prologue, all are united—Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton, Diana Ross and Brigitte Bardot—by a ‘stylish, whimsical quality.’ As Diana Vreeland said, ‘A good photographer was never what I was looking for. I like to have a point. This is what I’ve always found so fascinating about paparazzi pictures. They catch something unintended, on the wing.’ Here’s to flying, fashion, and catching that something.”