Marilyn’s Blonde Ambition in Australia

Marilyn graces the cover of the Australian Women’s Weekly spin-off Icons‘ tenth issue, with a 7-page article inside by Clare Isaac, headlined ‘Blonde Ambition,’ about Marilyn’s career battles in Hollywood. (The cover photo was taken by Nahum Baron in 1954.) Marilyn has a long history with the magazine, dating back to the 1950s. She also made the cover of Iconsfirst issue, and was featured in issues 6 and 7.

Penguin Australia has now published a coffee-table book, Australian Women’s Weekly Icons: Women of Hollywood, which international fans can order from The Book Depository. As with the magazine, though, the cost of shipping from Australia makes it very expensive, so it will probably be limited to a domestic readership.

Thanks to Bron at Marilyn Remembered

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