Glüme Releases Marilyn-Inspired Ballad

Dreampop singer Glüme, who describes herself as ‘the Walmart Marilyn Monroe,’ has just released her debut album, The Internet, with an opening track called ‘Arthur Miller.’ (I liked it, though it seems she’s not on Team Arthur…)

“Some masterpiece, I am the killer
Baby be kind, don’t be like Arthur Miller
Rely for your eye, make a wicked woman
Out of your story, yeah you’ve made me the villain …”

And here’s a review from Atwood magazine.

“Beyond the artistry she possesses, Glüme has a magnetic warmth that is attached to her own self, her willingness to share her struggles with health and the barriers she’s overcome and the ones still in place. Her history with entertainment extends to her youth, her path a clear one. But as life does, it deviated, and when in her 20’s, she was diagnosed with heart disease. Blood tests, pills, and unceasing pain followed her daily, limiting the life she could live. In theory, at least. Something to know about Glüme is that she is tenacious, a tour de force that does away with ‘can nots’ and opts for the path that she was destined to walk.

Getting to this point, this mindset, wasn’t an overnight occurrence, and the internet’s role was quite an extensive one. With her debut, she explores this journey, inviting listeners into her past, present, and future with a glittery touch that mystifies with each note hit and word sung. ‘Arthur Miller’ takes the lead, a song detailing the personal hardships of dating and a look into Marilyn Monroe’s impact on her life. It’s a slow build; electronics and synth starting with soft swirls that turn into majesty. It’s an exciting start to a much-anticipated debut.”

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