Nick Cave Records Score for ‘Blonde’

Musician Nick Cave has recorded the score for upcoming fictional biopic Blonde with long-time collaborator Warren Ellis, The Guardian reports. This latest development follows the recent rumours that director Andrew Dominik is in dispute with Netflix over the final cut (see here.)

“The pair have recently finished a soundtrack for Blonde, their friend Andrew Dominik’s much anticipated film about Marilyn Monroe, to be released next year. Dominik, who filmed One More Time With Feeling in 2016, about the making of Cave’s album Skeleton Tree, is currently in London finishing a new film based around Cave and Ellis performing songs from Carnage and Ghosteen.”

Nick Cave with filmmaker Andrew Dominik (top) and musician Warren Ellis (bottom)

Cave previously made a rather macabre reference to Marilyn on ‘Palaces of Montezuma,’ a single from his 2010 album Grinderman II, which he discussed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“Okay. Well, one of the most beautiful songs on the CD is ‘Palaces of Montezuma’…

Jim Sclavunos: It’s amazing how much this song is coming up.

Nick Cave: Every second journalist talks about that song.

…But then there are these lines about JFK and Marilyn Monroe: ‘The spinal cord of JFK/Wrapped in Marilyn Monroe’s negligee/I give to you.’ That’s a really vivid and disturbing image to deposit two thirds of the way through this lovely track.

JS: It’s a variation on the classic, ‘I’ll give you the moon and the stars,’ kind of thing. Only this one’s full of very odd curiosities and phantasmagorical, fetishistic things, like a spinal cord and a negligee. But it is a classic type of love song.

NC: I quite like the unsuspecting lyric, or line. You’re sitting listening to a song and it’s going along and suddenly there’s that, ‘F—, did he just say that?’ kind of thing. I guess that’s just become one of the things I kind of do. It suddenly changes the trajectory of the lyric.”