Marilyn Dreams of Dior at the Brooklyn Museum

Bert Stern’s iconic portrait of Marilyn for Vogue in a new exhibition, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, at the Brooklyn Museum until February 20, 2022, as Andrea Lopez reports for Untapped New York.

“Back in 1949, New York City exhibited the great Christian Dior for the first time in Two Centuries of French Fashion. It was a gift from France to New York of 49 displayed couture dolls to give thanks for America’s ‘service and participation during World War 2.’ The Brooklyn Museum then became the first American museum to collect work from the house of Dior … When Dior arrived in New York, it was love at first sight. He fell in love with the architecture of the city, the beauty of the city, and the style of the American woman. It was then he decided in 1948 to open Christian Dior-New York boutique in the Hecksher Building (Crown Building) at 730 Fifth Avenue.

Followed by the New York section is the photography section. Set from Dior’s print collection against a black wall of various photographers’ black and white photos of dressing up Hollywood stars’ finest, such as Marilyn Monroe wearing a backless black evening long-sleeved gown smiling softly into the camera titled Marilyn Monroe, The Last Sitting by Bert Stern.

The final section of the exhibition belongs to the stars, which is like entering into a dotted, blue starry night. In addition, there is a glass display of clips featuring movie stars that worked with Dior, along with television screens playing old film excerpts while their dresses are displayed. It’s as if strolling through the end of a glitzy night. At the end of the exhibition, the journey ends with a poignant portrait mosaic of the great designer composed of intricate small graphic photos of Marilyn Monroe’s face and a heartwarming quote by Dior that reads, ‘My dresses make a princess of every woman.’ Ultimately, after experiencing this spectacular exhibition, one can most definitely say, yes, yes, they do.”