‘Where Life Is Sweet’: Artist Brings Marilyn to North Canton Creamery

Marilyn is one of three stars featured in a new mural at Pav’s Creamery in North Canton, near Cleveland, Ohio, the Canton Repository reports. (The image is based on a photo taken during a New York press conference in January 1955.)

“The mural shows three retro icons — Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley and Judy Garland, as Dorothy with Toto — with colorful ice cream cones. The icons are in grayscale.

Artist Don Hill said he wanted the mural to showcase a diversity of legends; a mixture of movies and music, men and women, black and white, and age differences. He chose Monroe because she is ‘the most recognizable’ retro icon. ‘To add some multiculturalism, it was either Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley,’ said Hill who picked Marley because of his own love for reggae music. He said Garland was for ‘the kids.’

He even painted a red ruby ice cream cone, like Dorothy’s slippers. Monroe received a blue cone and Marley has a green one. The mural creates ‘a selfie destination that’s going to attract more traffic’ into Pav’s, Hill said … the Pav’s mural was his first commercial work but he said it won’t be his last.”