Jack Erickson Remembers Marilyn in Bement

Jack Erickson of Newtown, PA has spoken of his brief encounter with Marilyn to the Bucks County Courier Times. On August 6, 1955, Marilyn flew from New York to Chicago and was driven by police escort to the small town of Bement, Illinois. She had been invited to celebrate Bement’s centennial, and visited Bryant Cottage, where Abraham Lincoln debated slavery with Senator Steven A. Douglas in 1858.

On that distant summer’s day, Erickson introduced Marilyn to his friend, a radio reporter from nearby Decatur, IL. ‘I’m Marilyn,’ she said – somewhat unnecessarily – to which Erickson replied, ‘Well, I’m Jack.’ “And that was it,” he says today, holding a framed photograph which captured the moment.

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