Colleen Foy On Nursing Marilyn’s Mother in ‘Blonde’

Actress Colleen Foy made an auspicious big-screen debut in Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic drama, There Will Be Blood (2007.) More recently she has worked on television shows like This Close and Station 19. In a new interview with Digital Journal, Colleen talks about her supporting role in Andrew Dominik’s upcoming Monroe biopic, Blonde, as ‘Pat’ – not Marilyn’s publicist Pat Newcomb, but a fictionalised character who is a psychiatric nurse to Marilyn’s mother Gladys (played by Mare of Easttown‘s Julianne Nicholson – see here.)

Blonde was great. We filmed it before the pandemic so it was the last taste of business. It was filmed at a really fantastic facility, it was like a time capsule and we got to explore that a little bit. That was pretty fantastic … To see Ana de Armas’ work up close was really something else. She nailed the role of Marilyn, her voice and her mannerisms were something to watch … With Blonde, I want people to understand how common mental health challenges are and when watching one of the greatest actresses of all time battle with mental illness perhaps people can have a softening around their own challenges and seek help, the way we all wish that Marilyn sought help.”

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