Misquoting Marilyn: A Lesson From History

If you’ve ever despaired over asinine quotes wrongly attributed to Marilyn – and what true fan hasn’t? – it may be some consolation to know she’s in great company, with Shakespeare, Neil Armstrong, and even Darth Vader among history’s misquoted heroes. Check your knowledge of Marilyn et al with this fun Guardian quiz…

“‘The girl with the horizontal walk’ is second only to Shakespeare in the misquote Olympics; anything that looks good on an Instagram tile or a Tumblr GIF-set has probably been attributed to her. But, as a very funny Elle investigation into Marilyn misquotes demonstrated in 2015, Monroe presciently addressed her reputation as a quote-machine in a 1956 interview with the Saturday Evening Post: ‘If I’m going to have that kind of influence, I want to be sure it’s because of something I’ve actually said or written.'”