‘O. Henry’s Full House’ On Blu-Ray

Marilyn joins an all-star cast in O. Henry’s Full House, released today in dual-format DVD + Blu-Ray by UK-based company Signal One Entertainment (whose other titles include Let’s Make Love.)

Presented in a new HD transfer, this anthology film, based on five short stories by legendary American writer O. Henry, begins with an introduction by novelist John Steinbeck.

This is followed by ‘The Cop and the Anthem,’ starring Charles Laughton as Soapy, a tramp who repeatedly tries to get arrested so he can spend the winter in a warm prison cell.

He accosts a young lady – played by Marilyn in full period dress – only to realise that she is a streetwalker, and more receptive to his advances than expected.

Extras include commentary by Dr. Jenny Lind Porter, plus two featurettes (The Life and Writing of O. Henry and The O. Henry Museum.)


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