Warhol’s ‘Shot Blue Marilyn’ at the Rockefeller Center

Ahead of the Christie’s auction on May 9, the image of Andy Warhol’s ‘Shot Sage Blue Marilyn‘ is being projected on the facade of Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, Art News reports.

“Shot Sage Blue Marilyn, emblazoned with the Christie’s logo, will grace 30 Rock’s facade from 7:30 pm to midnight every night until May 13, while archival footage of Warhol at work will be projected onto the sides of the building, home to the auction house’s New York headquarters, during the same time period.

The auction house has also partnered with the clothing store Lingua Franca to produce a Warhol-themed sweatshirt; with Pebble Bar to offer a custom cocktail; with La Maison du Chocolat to create a special storefront display; and with Rough Trade records to offer up a 60s-inspired playlist.”

It’s not the first time Marilyn has been linked to the Rockefeller dynasty. ‘Do you know who I’d like to marry? Rockefeller,’ she says, as short-sighted model Pola in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953.) When Loco (Betty Grable) asks, ‘Which one?’, Pola answers dreamily, ‘I don’t care …’

And in July 1957, Laurence S. Rockefeller invited Marilyn to inaugurate a meeting of the Rockefeller Center Sidewalk Superintendents Club, as construction began on the Time-Life Building (completed in 1959.) She accepted, on condition that he provide her with a helicopter for the journey. She arrived two hours late for the ground-breaking ceremony, and even Arthur Miller marvelled at his wife’s power to keep a Rockefeller waiting.