Marilyn ‘Bookazine’ Special Gets UK Release

First published in the US in 2017, Marilyn: The Untold Story – a ‘bookazine’ of nearly 100 pages, published by Centennial Media as part of their Hollywood Legends series – has been reissued several times, and is now available in the UK. Here’s a sneak peek at the first edition (the latest may differ, however …)

It’s packed full of gorgeous (though not rare) photos, but eagle-eyed fans may notice a small handful have been colourised, including the cover image – Marilyn’s dress was actually blue.

A few unsourced quotes have been wrongly attributed to Marilyn…

An article on Marilyn’s men contains several dubious candidates, including Robert Slatzer (who falsely claimed to have married her in 1952.) A separate feature on Marilyn and the Kennedys is also highly speculative, relying heavily on second-hand accounts and hearsay.

And the final chapter on Marilyn’s death contains some factual errors, such as Sgt. Jack Clemmons’ claim that he saw Marilyn’s homecare assistant, Eunice Murray, putting her bedsheets in the washing machine. However, Marilyn did not own a washer, and her home did not have plumbing for one. (Receipts show that she used a laundry service instead.)

Overall, though, Marilyn: The Untold Story is a nifty piece of memorabilia, especially if you’re a magazine collector. Just don’t take the text too seriously!

Thanks to A Passion for Marilyn