Virtual Marilyn ‘Redressed’ for CR China

A ‘digitally reimagined’ Marilyn graces eight different covers in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book‘s Chinese edition (CR China.) In the images shown above, she models contemporary designs from Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Thom Browne, and David Koma.

“‘Few cultural figures have been more revered for their beauty and panache than Marilyn Monroe,’ says CR’s Founder and Creative Director Carine Roitfeld. ‘The looks I curated with [Jean-Paul] Gaultier feature some of my favorite designers working today … while still embodying her timeless elegance …’

With cutting-edge CGI imagery, CR worked closely with web3 startup Amethyst and Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the brand development, marketing, and entertainment company that owns Monroe’s estate, envisioning the fashion and film icon within a modern lens … ‘We were honored by the opportunity to work with innovators in this new digital landscape, especially on a subject as renowned as Ms. Monroe,’ says Vladimir Roitfeld … ‘Created using a blend of traditional editorial production and digital technology, each look was first styled via a body double and then virtually added onto Marilyn by the amazing image team at NowOpen.’

CR China Issue 4 is now available on international newsstands. Following their print debut, the eight cover images will be minted as NFTs and made available through Amethyst’s digital platform.”

Marilyn by Balmain and Fendi

However, the layout has met a mixed reception, as The Independent reports.

“On social media, critics have lambasted the magazine’s decision to digitize the late actress and accused it of creating new versions of Monroe for the sake of its own success. ‘The amount of content using her face lately doesn’t feel like homage to me, they’re just exploiting a person that can’t allow or deny this only to sell magazines and merchandise, this is wrong,’ one Twitter user wrote.

‘How about we all just leave Marilyn alone,’ another wrote. ‘Let the woman rest!’ A third user added: ‘The main thing she wanted was to not be exploited and instead people have gone out of their way to do so. Shame.’

Other people questioned why Monroe’s style needed to be re-envisioned for today’s times and criticised her estate for approving the cover photos. ‘Why would they modernise Marilyn Monroe? And put her in these ugly looks???’ one Twitter user wrote.

‘The Marilyn Monroe estate has never been personally related to Marilyn Monroe,’ another added. ‘I don’t understand why it’s legal for them to do this. The least they can do is to promote to respect her image. Not support these individuals/groups that disrespect her.’

However, others on Twitter didn’t have as much of a problem with CR China’s reimagined images, one of which said: ‘I think the pics are cool, & it’s nice to see someone’s image in new, fresh ways. A digital medium is just as artistically valid as painting her.'”

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