Forever Marilyn (and the Queen) in ‘Novella 2000’

Marilyn has graced the cover of Italian weekly Novella numerous times over the years. Now, as a new exhibition opens in Turin (see here), Marilyn also returns to the magazine’s latest incarnation, Novella 2000, with a summery cover shot by Sam Shaw.

Marilyn covers Novella in 1958

Inside, Stefano Zecchi considers the parallel lives of Marilyn and Queen Elizabeth II. Both women were born in 1926, and would famously meet 30 years later. And this year, the Queen celebrates the 70th anniversary of her coronation, while Monroe fans remember the 60th anniversary of her death. (I wonder if Professor Zecchi has read Michelle Morgan’s excellent book, When Marilyn Met the Queen?)

Thanks to Lorenzo at Marilyn Remembered