Marilyn, Joe DiMaggio and the ‘Wrong Door Raid’

The latest issue of UK nostalgia mag Yours Retro (#52, with Clint Eastwood on the cover) includes a 3-page article about the infamous ‘Wrong Door Raid’ of 1954, when Joe DiMaggio tried to catch his estranged wife Marilyn with her suspected lover, musician Hal Schaefer, and burst into a sleeping neighbour’s apartment instead. Joe was joined that night by Frank Sinatra and his goons, and the story was perfect fodder for the notorious Confidential magazine – even leading to a high-profile court case.

Elsewhere in Yours Retro, there’s an article about Sinatra’s rivalry with Marlon Brando, his co-star in Guys and Dolls. (Marilyn lobbied for a role in the 1955 musical, but lost out to Broadway star Vivian Blaine.) And finally, in an article about actresses like Lauren Bacall who refused to alter their appearance for fame, Marilyn and Rita Hayworth are cited among those who opted for makeovers – although neither was really ‘extreme.’

Thanks to A Passion for Marilyn


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