Isabelle Adjani Brings Marilyn to Paris

Legendary French actress Isabelle Adjani – who recreated Bert Stern’s ‘Last Sitting’ for Elle magazine in May – recently starred in Vertigo Marilyn, an imagined dialogue between the two cinematic icons, at the Atelier Theatre in Paris. The play is based on Marilyn’s final interview with Richard Meryman for LIFE magazine, and is written by Olivier Steiner, who also collaborated with artist Anne Gorouben on a recent book, The Rhapsody of Marilyn Monroe. Adjani will perform Vertigo Marilyn again at the Lacoste Festival in Provence on August 13, and further shows in Antibes planned for January 2023, before returning to Paris on March 31.

UPDATE: You can listen to a Radio France broadcast of Marilyn Vertigo here.

UPDATE: Marilyn Vertigo is reviewed here.