Why Marilyn’s Iconic Style Still Fascinates

Italian author Massimilano Capello’s 2019 book, Iconic Marilyn, has now been published in Germany under a new title, Fascination Marilyn Monroe: The Life, Passion and Style of a Fashion Icon, as Ulrike Hug-Stüwe reports for the Swiss website, NZZ Bellevue.

“If you read through the stages of her life, the pace will make you dizzy. Her success was incomparable … Childhood, adolescence, 16 years of tireless career development and her death at the age of 36 paint the picture of a woman who fought non-stop. She fought for visibility, recognition and independence. The side effects of this endeavor were depression and unfulfilled desires.

Marilyn Monroe was a Joan of Arc of her time who embodied an image of women that attracted women and men alike. Unconventional and visionary. The desire to live, the danger of fearlessly challenging life – fast-paced and with large swings between success and fragility.

The fascination with Marilyn Monroe may be explained by the fact that she was conspicuous, ambitious, powerful, independent and pushing boundaries – not only in what constituted her style, but also in how she used her style. Marilyn Monroe, and this is arguably her attraction, was obviously a woman who made decisions – unconditionally and at full risk.

On the one hand, Massimiliano Capella sheds light on the fashion of the time in general, but of course also on Marilyn Monroe’s style development from a brunette pin-up girl to a woman with an extraordinary style that has not lost any of its fascination to this day. The two chapters on the fashion of the time and the style of Monroe are preceded by a chapter with biographical details of the actress.”

Incidentally, another image from Marilyn’s 1954 photo shoot with Nahum Baron also graces the cover of Viviane Koenig and Annie Moser’s Marilyn Monroe: Scent of a Star, a recently published book for younger readers in France (recommended for ages 13+.)

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