Elliott Erwitt’s ‘Iconic’ Marilyn in Italy

Marilyn is featured in Elliott Erwitt: Icons at the Palazzetto Baviera in Senigallia, Italy, on display until September 16 as part of the Summer Jamboree, an international festival of American music and culture.

“The exhibition features over seventy shots of one of the greatest masters of world photography of all time, Elliott Erwitt,selected by the curator Biba Giacchetti together with Erwitt himself, who will turn 94 in July this year. The works on display enclose the entire path of his long professional life through the most famous photographs of him, the ones that he himself loves the most. The famous portraits of Che Guevara, Kerouac, Marlene Dietrich and the great movie stars, one above all Marilyn Monroe. And again, photographs that have made history, such as the quarrel between Nixon and Khrushchev, Kennedy’s funeral, the great match between Frazier and Ali. Then there are the California Kiss, the symbolic photograph of timeless love and the more intimate and private photographs, such as the California Kiss, a universal image of timeless love; a photograph of Erwitt’s newborn firstborn, as well as a collection of self-portraits.

A set of images that represents a splendid cross-section of the history and customs of the twentieth century, narrated through the unmistakable ironic gaze of the photographer, his magic touch, his great compositional ability and the constant homage to the absurd and to what may appear ambiguous. Always in black and white, they tell the story of life, its miseries and passions, focused almost exclusively on people and animals, caught in apparently insignificant, sometimes even comic, attitudes. What emerges are the emotions of human beings, seen and represented in a simple and sincere way.

‘ICONS’ is the concentrate of all the genius of Elliott Erwitt, the best of his long career and represents a synthetic and complete path of his gaze on the world, in a unique compendium of humanity, lightness and depth.”

Thanks to Gianandrea at Marilyn Monroe – Italia